Since the publication of “The Good life –Up the Yukon without a Paddle” (published in August 2004) I have received countless emails and letters from people wanting to know what we are doing now, if we are still living the “Good Life” in the Yukon wilderness and still enjoying every minute. It is for that reason I have written the follow up book “The Good Life Gets Better” (published 16th of August 2006). It chronicles our lives from winter 2003 until autumn of 2005. During that time we embarked on an amazing search for Klondike Gold. Our search took us to the muskegs and swamps of the big river valleys, across wind swept tundra and up into the rugged mountains that stand on every horizon. We not only trod where few have trod but also followed the trails of the Klondike Stampeeders who came north in the rush of 1898 to find their fortunes. Ours was a hard search and a long one and we felt like giving up several times but the challenges, adventure and thrills it gave us eventually out weighed the hard times. It was truly amazing and we discovered things beyond our wildest imagination.

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Gold is rising in price and analysts predict it is going to keep climbing for the next two years and stay high for the following 15. It is already higher in price per ounce than it has been for the past 25years. A gold claim in the Yukon can be many things, a business, a home, a place to build a cabin in the woods and live simply, a way to immigrate, a part time hobby or a holiday retreat … but now it could be extremely profitable.

If you are interested in discovering or buying a gold claim or simply want to prospect the Yukon for a life changing experience please feel free to email me and I will gladly forward you information or put you in touch with the right people to aid your quest.

The Klondike, the gold and the wilderness are all a truly golden dream but they can so easily be a reality… Adventure is out there waiting!

Good Luck!


Photographs on this website are taken by: Dorian Amos, Pamela Brown and David tackle

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